Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Langkawi trip

Hmm...starting to spread the news already
It's about our langkawi trip
Hmm, minimum achieve 6 ppl then we sure go for it already

So right now I can try to make the flight+hotel around RM200
Cos now AirAsia having promotion, the flight is cheaper lah.
Then the hotel will become so cheap cos I assume that 6 ppl per room(gt 2 masterbed there)

However, the expenses there maybe nid around RM200 too
Ur food+ games+ car rental(if go to town)

Since the flight ticket is very fast sell finish, so hope u guys can reply me asap
Any question can sms/call/fb/blog me, thx!!

7-9 Jan

And the price haven include the tax


1. XL
2. YY
3. YC
4. JS
5. KS

Sure cant:
1. SW
2. WQ
3. JW
4. WB
5. Ah foo
6. Liping
7. LJ
8. Yeeting
9. Xinxiang
10. WH

Due DATE: 27 NOV 2009


WeeS said...

and me...>.<

Christine said...

u means?

yuanzhong said...

ah~~plan 2 i might not be able to go..is class that time~~

Alan said...

28-30 jan...???

Christine said...

sorry, typing error
7-9 Jan

ks said...

add me in pls...z

WeeS said...

me cant go lar -_-""wasei...i if go no need go for degree le...

charles said...

yalo oso not sure can go or not... better delete me 1, coz still cant confirm can go o not... paiseh XL

Christine said...

dun ffk leh....

WeeS said...

well, so due date is passed.
how many people are going?