Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sitting in front the pc, waiting the video for yikchoon upload finish, fan blowing my hair to make it dry, chatting wif JG and thx for his sacrifice to let his house for our gathering. It was another nice gathering again. But without weiqing ( exam tml), Jason( I thought u will come...it's very very sad!!!), tjianrhu, seeyah, connie, kk...+++ (unknown reason)

By the way, it stll nice.

Holiday is going to end soon, is leaving here tml (13/1). Still alot haven sit down n chat nicely. Just in the hi-bye relationship. Hope that during the cny, will c u again.

Countdown 2010 party was nice also!!! :D

Glad that after 2 years from graduation, still gt chance to gather again. although without 100% attendance. And we should not call 5sn1 gang again, I would like to call it as: jj1 gang!!!

Exam +U
Happy Holidays


yuanzhong said...

true...after 2 years still can hv such great gathering..is nice!! =)

WeeS said...

geng...our blog gt XXX ppl come comment...


ks said...

lolx! gt so many service~

A SOH said...