Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey Yo!
KS is BacK!

juz wanna share with all my frens.. i had done my drama performance yesterday!
It was really fantastic and is de best group among 9.
My title was about "the champion bullfighter" lolx!
i was not de bull nia.. i was a Malay fighter---> Ninja!
It`s pretty cool, rite?

but it wasnt that 'good'.
aiks.. my group was formed by 8 ppl...7 chinese 1 malay(lazy+never come to practise...)
its really different, i think is bcaz of the business project which we are going to have in next month..
some of the gals in de group dint really co-operate, yet i still need to act as ntg and ACT with them in drama...
kind of sadness sia...
juz bcaz we are not de same group in de project,so both of our groups have some arguement b4..
vr serious lor.. they caused WHOLE foundation groups dun have booth to open a stall =.="

erm... i shall tell u all de story next time.. it is definitely more interesting than HK drama..lols

prefer that time we perform for Sejarah..xD
(is my gun still ok?)

time has been changed, different environment and need to change ourself anytime.
especially when u meet those weird ppl in my class... =.="
cannot tahan....

all de best to everyone ya! Be happy n Chill!


XL said...

Haha, last time u all suddenly go back without inform me, so bad
Last time = Celcom Roadshow

Well, I gt a drama presentation soon also. Not happy becos I am the main character!!!!
Somemore act to be a bad boy ( quite suit me right?)

Take care la, be more friendly to ur frens loh...><"

5 Science 1 said...

lolx! good to be DEVIL again!
since not a real-human-being..hahaha
ganbatte lar!

minz said...

lol... still remember sejarah de drama tat time.. so sha.. XD

Christine said...
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XL said...

but the drama now cant do lk tat crazy anymore loh, becos we are more focus on the marks given, 50% in the final leh!!!!

ImNotNike said...

The Point KS wants to say is :
I miss you all, sec fren.

-By Translator

p/s:Its hard to lead all people and make them cooperate that time(sec), but I'm glad cause its harder when you go to higher education.

p.p/s:At least I tried before.

p.p.p/s:What means p/s actually?

p.p.p.p/s: KS, when you come back let you taste rizal burger. best in Johor.