Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour?


Earth hour?What is that?

No, you will sure know it.Why?

Yes, Why?

Because you know, close 1 hour, that's so easy.

Another reason, people do I follow.

But What The Funny is earth hour, is meaningless.


1 hour, + people do I do, is the main reason why people do earth hour.

They did, they really did close the light.

But it is not what we want.OR what earth hour wants.

So, make it simple.IF you did any of the follow, DONT DO EARTH HOUR:

1. How often do you leave your mobile charger on even after you have to removed your mobile phone?

2. How often you leave for your teh tarik session with your room lights / fan/ air-con on?

3. When was the last time you turn off your room lights (if you are able to do so) when you leave for lunch / meetings?

4.How many hours do you think you left your TV on for the mini creatures (insect) or worst stil no one in your hall to watch per week?

5. When was the last time you left your toilet light on after doing what you need to do in there?

(some example from


Do feel guilty, me too.

BTW, earth hour, just a way people do to ensure they waste the resource everyday do not make them feel guilty, cause they did help environment,help earth to survive for only 1 HOUR, so human reserve 1 HOUR to say goodbye before extinct.


Earth hour, dont do it, understand it.

Not only electricity, water please, close tap when brushing your teeth one by one, wash with small amount of water for small quantity of garment when using washing machine.

For more, ask WH.


write in darkness.

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