Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aloha, Blogger.

Well, I got a not very good news but for me its a good news.

First, I gt offered by utar, its not a good news, for money, and its good news, for cik gan and my mum.

Second, I found I can direct write in this blog without change my id to alamak_5sn1, thats is very fang bian for those lazy to write for this blog.
So, if anyone interest...DIY, haha, i'm lazy to do for u, btw, u can post all ur blogger id(email smtg lk so I help add inside and you will see this blog appear on your Blogger Home list.

By that, you can choose to write new post for your own blog, or 5sn1.

Third, all people going for holiday soon, but, when you enjoying your holiday, I will be inside school, so, I dunno whether we still got a chance to meet up...
And, inside U, I will not have any computer company me, so, haha, want to know me mayb call me, but, I am very cold in hp..haha

Four, nothing already.
Five, really nothing already.
Six, ok, stop now!
Seven, cant you just give me a break?
Eight, Shut Up!
Nine, OMG, leave me alone!
Ten, goodbye everyone,haha , beware of neuropathy, live well, study well k?..haha!


Joon Guan said...

WEE SHEN..!!!...take care lo...i will call u de...!!!...

yuanzhong said...

take care there!!!wee shen!!!
miss us always..wahaha..XD
enjoy ur uni life!!
keep in touch~~