Sunday, April 12, 2009

Apalah ni

Tomorrow is Monday

I know u hate Monday, me too

But especially for 3 of our friends

Because tml they will have their final exam

So here I am to wish u all smtg:

I know now u all maybePhotobucket, Photobucket, or maybe Photobucketbecause forgt wat u studied b4
(Not create by myself de woh, the "dang shi ren" told me lk tat)

Well, so dun worry

Maybe u can Photobucket
Eating some foodPhotobucketor drinksPhotobucket
U can also Photobucket, but I sure that ur roommate will laugh at u
Of cos, if u wan , u can also find someone to ,PhotobucketorPhotobucket to express ur stressful feeling
But try to control urself dun do silly thingsPhotobucketabuthen u will Photobucketn never hav ur exam anymore

After u did all this, hav to take ur time again to study again

But dun study until Photobucket, Photobucketand Photobucket

Must hav an enuf Photobucket b4 exam, u all should know more than me

So, tml I hope tat u all can Photobucketwhen u see through the question paper
Can Photobucketwhen u answer the exam paper
And of cos Photobucketfrom classroom after the exam end

Anyway, I haven mentioned who hav exam tml

Is matrix gang lah!!!
+U lah!!

So tml is Monday

Did I say that alot ppl hate Monday?

Did I?

Okok, nvm, I emphasize again

Tml is Monday, alot ppl hate Monday

But, can U all dun hate tis Monday???

Tml is some1's Photobucket

Aiya, so give the ppl some face ok?

So Happy Birthday, gold pig!!!

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