Wednesday, May 27, 2009


by XL

Finally finish the 3 weeks roadshow
Wow, but I am still that tired.
Ya, tis time I am working for celcom broadband again, with Lijun, Weeshen, Zhaowei(sometimes) and 3 Malay Girls(last week only)

Hav fun?
Hmm, cos they always dotA and chit chat abt gamble or pc, I dunno at all, so diam diam saja.
It's ok, I only care my salary...><"

LJ said at the last day, he gt the 空虚感 after finish a task or a work

Anyway, I learnt how to adjust the "tiang"
Learnt how to lock the key
Learnt how to become a good promoter ( still fail the result)

And know that we should drive slowly n sit wif seat belt...><"


Today kena kacau by KC in the morning, around 9am, ask me go breakfast
N I reply him wif a ganasai smile...
But still gt eat lunch together
After that go back to sch, although I just wore a T-shirt wif short pants

Cik Gan scold me lk A Soh( not yikchoon)....-_-"

After went to sch, I gt alot of thinking abt our secodanry sch, JJ1

Dunno what happen to the sch, it becomes more terrible n horrible
MORE, I know during our sch times it oso damn bad edi
But now, even the new teacher like ah beng ah seng, smoking in the toilet de loh!!!
Very good contoh
The guy toilet become so "open", even the passer can c them while guys are doing their bussiness
But the excuses that do the toilet become so open is avoid the student smoking inside
Damn funny, then can u pls adjust the guy teacher toilet oso become so open too?

Then we went home, in the way to the hall, I saw PBSM trained their kawad there.
I just stood in front the KH makmal, n turned back...
Becos I saw a gang of jelly was marching there....

Anyway, so glad tat I am borned so early....


To: MMU gang, STPM gang, Crescendo girl
Good luck in exam n take care also, drive car at the night very dangerous

To: UTAR gang ( + 1 new member)
Wan open sch edi, dun play play le, must study harder

To: Penang nurse
Waiting for ur interesting story again!!!

To: No gang ppl
I din forget u, but din contact wif u, so go yumcha b4 tis sunday, ok mou?

Anyway, I am GOING to go also
I know alot ppl will clap hand...
But I haven enjoy my holiday tis time!!!

Lol, take care, feel like I am idiot, talk myself and answer anyself...-_-"



yuanzhong said...

so "pro"!!!!
teacher nowadays...haiz!!
so teruk.
JJ1..haiz..but still love it..haha.
long time no balik time wanna find u all balik together..haha!!

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