Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time To Leave.

"Kelas Bangun...Selamat sejahtera....."

hehe, very familiar ho?...

"Terima kasih ..."

huh, that is?...

"Semua orang dengar sini, erm....erm....erm..."

siapa dia?...LOL


I never regret to be a monitor, even I always blame xl them for choosing me as monitor, becos I really dont know pn parames. before...>.<""

But then, as time go on, I feel I can lead the class a bit well, abit only, haha

That also train my communication skill and social skill.

Form 5, I only start to know the exits of wenhui, tjian rhu, them

pei ying them also become more close to me,

then all the idiot boys in sn 1, become more and more idiot....XD


I'm not very handsome, not very tall, not very humor, not very brave...

but, i very funny, very wu liao, very siao, very dunno what to do until u all tell me what to do...:P

And very thanks all friends very nice to me. Maybe I always give hint that my birthday coming, so I received lots of gift when my birthday...haha, feel very sorry cause I always forget to gift other...XD


Ready to go, going to go...haha

Before go, hope all my friends happy always, haha, just like me when form 5 gua, haha, although ugly but happy :D

Cheers, I love you all...(some people I really means...XD)






希望永远那么好笑吧...XD 精神 Always.


XL said...

really a bit bu4 she3 de2, the feeling jus like Junyuan go to Australia tat momoent,hehe. But I think I can meet u at Kampar there also, haha.

I think until now still gt alot ppl support me to choose u become monitor tat time, nobody regret right?

Anyway, take care take care, ur new life is going to be nice and well!!!!

yuanzhong said...

wee, u r a nice monitor.XD

i always use "XD".
luckily we r so fren..
u edi share copyright wif me.hehehe!

as life goes on,circumstances change.
take care.

xiaoluan u sure wanna go kampar?
ask me too leh.see i'm able or not XD

XL said...

cos I go kampar sure gt place to sleep, haha! Gt 2 rooms available for me now!!!Or tengok weeshen wanna shou liu me o not loh!!!

ks said...

remember that time Puan Juriah leaving our school?

"Tepuk semangat..."
Wat da... babi tu...LOLX

damn! nobody play ball with me!

yuanzhong said...

2 rooms available??
how come i don hv ??
nvm i live at relative's house.
my hometown is in perak.wahaha!!

XL said...

To KS: Why suddenly mentioned Pn Juriah???

To YC: cos I gt 7-8 frens at Kampar, haha. And we say like really wanna go edi, haha