Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ks here.XD

cool~ just read yc`s post,never mention me~~ (obviously quite some days din login=.=)
aiks~all moved to cyber ady..damn sien...

honestly, im really boring here. left only yeh han with me...
everyday facing those bunch of peolple who sengek sebelah~.~
still prefer previous years~and also last years.
my unit here is just boring and really like a... 宿舍..
i miss last time the feeling when we call it "home".
can bising together and extend the "crazy time"
its really hard to get some really good frens like u all. (feeling good?)haha

recently, joined world debate 3 working committee and SIFE. bz sial..
thats pretty good.XD
can host an international event with 200 people~ a new experience!XD
but i dun really like some high-com inside, super LC(dunnoe? hehe)

and SIFE~ i 4gt what the full name ady=,=
just a society which doing business~ can be cross national`s great.
bsides, they planning to host some event and biz to generate Rm 1M revenue! OMG!
hopefully can learn something there~
how about u all? XD

study hard is important, dun forget to relax also.
good luck for those having exam- especially me..zz

oya~ for those not in jb~
back home whenever u`re free~
i really really understand the feeling of" shu yu jing er feng bu zhi, zi yu yang er qing bu dai"
last week i went back for 100th day praying...sobz...
take care.


yuanzhong said...

mana tak ada mention u..
quote :

u bukan ex-housemate aku di melaka ke??

thx4missing us..i also miss the time where i am able to chat with u or listen ur story when i go back "home" and passby the dining room. =)
ok la..keep in touch.=)

WeeS said...

I will go b at oct, hmm, with xl them ba, hahahahahaha, but mayb later sem will not go b, iw ant ravel to other place..>XDXD...see first la, if i still cans utdy ehre....XDXD

yuanzhong said...

u can still study there de. XD

-- just when u think the road is going to nowhere,
just when u almost gave up on ur dreams,
then take it by the hand,
and show u that u can

u can go higher,
u can go deeper,
there are no boundaries,
above and beneath u,
break every rules becoz there's nothing between u and ur dream.--

go to listen no boundaries, by Kris Allen or Adam Lambert.(i prefer Kris Allen, lolz)

yuanzhong said...

paiseh ya..recently love "no boundaries" by Kris Allen so matter the lyrics,music or the voice of Kris Allen..oh!!!
nearly addicted to it.muahahha.>.<