Thursday, August 20, 2009

embarass but learn something

by yuanzhong just called one of the company( the company name, Private n confidential.hehe)
coz our assignment is interview with company that is listed in Bursa Malaysia.
hmm..i feel a bit embarass + thankful...coz i feel that i am reli reli very small...hehe.
coz sent a questionnaire to the company..
the ppl there say, we ask too general n not specific at all..
briefly teach me how to ask..
somehow..i feel another way, she actually means we ask quite "stupid" question.
i reli thank her for teaching me, for telling me, n understand that our group members still student,
many things we asked are very theoritically.
we should ask questions that can make them easier to answer.
hmm..asking a question reli needs skills.
n then, she told other master students , ask better questions than us..
coz she receive some questionnaire from other uni also..

ish...still young n small, need to learn more n more..
learning today, but is embarassing..hehe.

got class later at is to walk to campus loh..

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