Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy birthday to Wei Lun!

to MR.Tan Wei Lun:

since u r in singapore or wat, i cant celebrate ur birthday with u..
however ur bro here body in kl, heart with u, haha~

dono how r u going to celebrate ur birthday this year, but i still remember last year when u come n find me n qita them, we did have a great night in kl thai club, haha, that was damn nice! we jumping like hell, drink like siao, dancing with ang moh, haha, that was rili wonderful!
i bet u didnt forget it rite~

so wish u all the best in ur study n work, and do call me when u come b in jb! i will be on a 3 month holiday starting from october, so call me, it had been a long time we didnt chat or yum cha~




XL said...

yeah!! weilun happy birthday!!! want to call u but cant call, i think u at sg now gua
anyway, happy birthday oh!!!
hope u can always happy, ya!!!

try to enjoy ur life now ya!!!!

WeeS said...

Yes de, happy birthday bro!
I sent msg to u, bt no reply, probably you still in singapore, btw, i dun hav facebook nw, 10 mins later i going to have 1, ok?

I;m in JB nw, find me and i go fetch u, ok?XD

Love you, always