Monday, September 21, 2009

I misses my ex-housematess!!!!!!!

Hmm... Just now i was keeping n arranging my stuffs..
I saw an envelope.. Inside it got 2 cards...
They were my birthday cards last year..
One is from Alice Cheng Yen Choong, another one is from my dearest ex-housemates--YeeTing, Rachel, YY and JS...
Suddenly i miss them so much...
I remember what Weishang wrote in the card, ".... We are one family..."
I really miss the feeling of a family with them..
The voice of Alice's screaming, JS's shouting, and the scene of fighting of the 3 guys... Makes our hostel lively..
Alice, Rachel, YY, JS, Yeeting and KS...I really miss u all...
I hope all of us can live our life lively and enjoy our life....
For those at Cyberjaya, it's so far that I couldn't visit u all there... But during holiday we must have gathering!!! Take care there. =)
For those at Malacca, I'm pretty sure that we will meet each other(actually we met right?)... Haha.. Take care too.. ;)

By: Yiing Meing


yuanzhong said...

i miss u all too..
i remembered the scenes when we were there.the house was reli lively.
take care.
distance keeps us apart but don't let it be the boundary.

yishi said... ex roomate...i miss u too le...NVM...sure will gt gathering one....Back JB go JUSCO & play around ^^ Cant wait the sem break coming !!!