Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Venue: Austin Height
Activities: BBQ + Basketball court there
Date: 10-10-2009
Time: 6pm

Notice: Please confirm to me whether u attend o not, for those din reply I assume that u din go

Notice 2: Agak agak RM20 per person, ingredients will be meefun, fried rice, curry, chicken wings, hotdog, otak(ur brain), fish ball and bla bla bla

Notice 3: Pls sponsor the bbq stick!!! Ned more!!! If can the sponsor pls inform me u can bring, I wan to confirm gt how many sticks

Notice 4: All the foods is zhaowei provided( not free de lah), pls be grateful for his contribution

Notice 5: Jiawen, Zhaowei and KK will responsible for the transportation, pls be grateful again. And who wan to drive oso? (Cos might not enuf seat)

5sn1' style not necessary to end, becos tis is 5sn1' style

Attendance List:
1. Of cos is me, XL
2. Zhaowei
3. Wenhui
4. Lijun
5. Yenchoong
6. Siew Whan
7. KK
8. Yeeting
9. Keesiang
10. Yeh Han
11. Yongyao
12. Jason
13. Weilun
14. Weiqing
15. Tjianrhu
16. Jiawen
17. Weeshen
18. Jiasiang
19. Zhenyang

Going to update soon ( hope so lah)


WeeS said...

need not to be end...meaningful...i smell 火药...

btw...what hell thing on the earth so costly for bbq?
in kampar bbq always wont exceed RM 15...
if rm20...i rather go redbox party open beer drink...

gt second choice?
Can I go and chat and go without eat?...XD

Christine said...

Dun compare ur kampar vs JB
RM20 jus an estimation, cos scare u all not enuf full so order meefun, frice and curry, tis cost rm6 per person edi

Hmm...jus an estimation given by bomb, I dunno cost how act

PS: I gt greenbox voucher free 1 bug of beer, but cant use at redbox gua...

WeeS said...

i gt 10% discount voucher ...
I gt free 1 mug for 1 jug beer...

and all for red box...

tesco is same even you go kelantan...
My kampar nothing cheaper than johor...
just a hope, cheaper...>.<

Christine said...

let's go to redbox next time...

u oso said b4, chicken rice cost abt rm3 and very worth. But can u find at JB?
Tesco of cos is the same cos the price is fixed. If a gucci shop open at genting and dedap, do u think that their price will different?

WeeS said...

huh?when did i say kampar thing is cheap...-_-""
only before i went there..

i think u havent wake up completely lo...XD

U first asking me to do not compare my kampar to your JB...
and then after that u said gucci is same price everywhere...

I means, since what I bought for BBQ were from Tesco Kampar, then why will Tesco JB cost more ??
And you answered me, thanks.XD
(the gucci theory)

p/s: genting things wont same as in other area in can look into mcdonald flyers or KFC or marrybrown...anything...:D

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