Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am here again!!!
Hope U all will see what I write here...feel lk i am talking to myself...><"

Ok...well, jus give u all some mentally preparation
We are going to held a trip at langkawi!!! (The trip after graduation trip last time)

So the date will be around end of the year of the begin of JAN
(Tat time MMU, UTAR, F6 gang will be free)
And my estimation is around RM400 per ppl( tat time redang is RM380 include everything, food, shelter or diving or wat)
of cos we will try to find the cheap cheap one lah...
So hope u all can save money start from now...
And give some hint to ur family tat u MIGHT join tis trip la...( start to persuade now)

Help to pass tis msg anyway
And welcome to leave comment here if u gt other better plan, ideas or wat
( but no more genting)


I am NOT XL, trust me....><"

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