Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy ->Tang Yuan Jie

Hm~~ Back to the Origin!XD
This is the time i just wanna start my revision for mid term test on thursday...
yet, this is the place i think of:D

see lar!! how important is this place!!hiak hiak hiak~
time flies~ we have passed 2 and half years in our own Uni College...
i`m feeling grateful and happy that we are still connecting each other by anyway~LoL
as i said before, New things is better, yet the old friends are nicer.XD

Is there anyone wanna make Tang Yuan at XL`s house?heheh
Is there anyone wanna try my Wasabi Tang Yuan?~.~
Is there anyone missing the time we make Tang Yuan and eat together?
Yeap! I`m.Hahahaha!!

Can`t wait to gather up again^.+
Guys and Gals, Take care and enjoy our live~XD (dun go suicide lar...LOL)

A short pas. from GP!! getting less people call me GP>< sien lor..hahaha


Xiaoluan said...

haha, tis yr i invited some1 come my house but i kena rejected..>.<""
nvm la, next time come again, but dun do wasabi flv anymore! haha

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Happy New Year !!!

Samad Shahid said...

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