Friday, October 3, 2008

I am losing ground

i felt really happy for the gathering few days ago
and i know that it will be the last gathering as well
jg going australia next year
form 6 going to be very busy next year
every1 will start their degree next year
every1 will study in different uni next year
it is really hard and nearly impossible for the next gathering
even it have, the number of people should be..

and i can sure that the next time we meet each other
every1 will look different and have their own life aredi
the gathering few days ago
actually u can find that there are not much changes on every1
next time
it will be totally different
we will grow older, more mature, clearer personalities
having own gf, bf, busy with uni life, go holiday with uni friend

many many things will start changing
many many ppl will be not around
but atleast i am glad that
i think our friendship will last very long
we don't meet each other
we didn't contact with each other
we mayb don't even say hello with each other
juz like wat u did when u meet ur primary school friends

but when u think about the past
u will still smile
when you look back in the picture
u will laugh
when you pass by our school
u will wa, long time no come b liao
even though u know u will nvr walk into it again

i think that was really good
that is wat friends are for
they will be in your memory for a long time
they will always be there in your album
friends are hard for life
coz it is hard to keep maintaining the relationship
but thats is really awesome for that period

mayb some of you all may not agree with me
but that is wat i really think
so cherish wat u have now
coz u may not see him in mayb 1 or 2 or mayb 5 or 10 years later

i love my friends
juz like i love to eat
it is irresistible
so guys, keep it up for our future
we still have a long way to go!



WeiQing said...

dunno why, after i read this post..
feels like quite sad..
really hope that friendship will last very long or even forever...

yuanzhong said...

just as wat weiqing said,
feel quite sad after reading.
i know tat it will most probably be a fact.
but i reli hope tat it will not be a fact.

take care..everyone..