Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WoW! This is from CrazyKs!

seems that i really miss out a vr great gathering o:{
how are u all now?
i think should be remain that kind of STYLE ....woo
so no worry!xD
Jun, u sucks...
i agree with u. is really a bit touching lar...= =
trying to remind people ur birthday coming?
hoho! and its not during exam period! song bo?

everything is fine here,
lots of weird ppl in MMU....
their weird personality....
and lots of dumb...:P

indeed, i do always remember de Past Time.
pls, dun let it be Past Tense.
keep it ON.

any emergency matter,
pls call this 24-7 helpline:

this is something SPECIAL.xD


from MMU said...

walao..weird personality? What do u mean o? >.<

Jun said...

oh ya i remember liao!
hehe, smbody still owe me smtg ho$$~

XL said...

I know what U owe Lijun, haha
KS still so crazy ya? haha

yuanzhong said...

wow..though live under one roof i don even know that ks ur emotion towards e past is so strong ya..^-^

mmu got weird ppl..haha..
not so much la..
but some lo~~keke..

5 Science 1 said...

ks to LJ--->>
once apun a time...
there was a PIG....
Is reading this....
thats o. blek:p

XL said...

I thought the girl is yc oh...-_-"

yuanzhong said...

me??wah..not me la.. haha..
i don wish to be anatomise..