Friday, December 19, 2008

~~~BUsy day >.<~~~HAppy day~~ ^^

Yesterday was a busy day to me..coz there was 2 important activities to 1st presentation of tis sem-computer application 1..i have 3 presentation in this sem.....each subject gt assignment to do...those assignment all need to have presentation...those subject are computer application 1, Principles of Economics 2 ( presentation coming soon on Monday) & English( Wednesday)..TT..all of this make crazy in last few tired & exhausted~~I dislike tis sem..although is 2 month only....but really feel exhausted...n cant get enough sleep oso.. was my 1st presentation ?Yesterday i woke up very early in the morning...6.15am ba..y woke up so early? my class was 8am class....coz need wore formal woke up especially early le..After prepared everything....i turn on my do my last prepare of my presentation before go 2 class...8am class was economic class...but i didnt put my all concentration on lecture...coz maybe a bit tired n the next 2 hour was the economic finish her syallabus very fast...& reminded we all next week monday was the last 2 groups presentation...haha..i am in last group..after tat presentation still gt Quiz 3..OMG!!!next monday gt many things need 2 n eco quiz...presentation oso...haizz..>.<

2nd things was a happy thing to shared~~celebration for 5 ppl birthday ...Since last & my fren ady busy discuss yesterday birthday celebration....oops..4gt to tell u all...was celebrating my 5 orientation frenz..the planning was start last week...but the final decision to decide venue & time was on monday...The venue of tis celebration was at mamak stall-HABEEB...Time was 10.30pm we all meet at ixora foodcourt...coz we all busy wif our midterm exam last week..thursday till worry tat tis celebration cant success to organise...But at last..still success wif happy..^^
I wan thank to sufen & teng...they especially came n fetch me go to ixora foodcourt...coz they worry my safety go to ixora...REally thank u 2 le...n made trouble wif u 2..Thank a lot..Really nice be fren wif u 2...then..we 3 together go ixora foodcourt meet other frens..when we arrive, Kk & hankai ady wait us there le...paiseh le...say 10.30pm meet d..but a bit late come...luckily me not the latest...haha..we 5 chatting while other come...we wait the arrive of Eeleng,NAdrah,Aqiella & NAbilah...After all arrive at ixora...we all go to HAbeeb ...we sat down n order ...but we keep busy chatting..didnt bother tat person made order...after order..we continue chatting..coz reaally long time didnt meet le since orientation...but i still gt keep it touch wif most of fen,teng,ser,kk,hankai,nadrah& eeleng on msn or sms....Finally..our mobile OC( the leader of our red5)-Kak su arrive....thank to u come although u r busy wif work..She was a future she in industial training...after she finish her meeting...she still wanna come n meet us...around 11.15pm le..So touching^^Kk promote his phone to us...NOkia 1110..his phone gt function of MP3,camera,Bluetooth but his one is Whitetooth&DVD function..haha...We keep chatting till abt 11.45pm...Kk n sufen say gt smtg to do they left us a while..but i curious follow them go oso...while we walking halfway...the bday gal-eeleng call su fen wat happen to us..At last she went back HAbeeb n Kk go ixora ....Actually was go to took cake la...haha..Kk go his house take the cake ...n i wait him at downstairs..after he come down wif secreat recipe cake..we discuss wan go there put the candle o wat...but at last..we only put one candle on it & light it be4 we go habeeb..we 2 wait around 11.58pm on ixora corridor to go habeeb...

19 dec 08 12am....Kk gave the bday gal-eeleng cake-chocalate cake of secreat recipe...She was so surprise wif it...then we sang the bday song to her...the above cake...write " shy shy"girl ..happy bday! damn funny d~~Not yet finish..we change another candle to nadrah(21st dec)& sang song oso.....we did tis for 5ppl...Hankai(22DEc) & 2 more belated one...Teng(10 Nov) n Kk (14 Nov) ...coz we r celebrate 5ppl bday..After that...they all keep took photo....sufen phone full of Kk self take photo n he wan her create a own folder in her phone...Around 1am...HAnkai go to his fren bday party more..n other oso back le...Left me,su fen ,teng,Kk & eeleng continue at habeeb & ate our chocolate cake..we continue chatting...coz gt half slice cant finish by sufen...we all decided gave it to ser & gave his surprise..we put the half slice cake back to secreat recipe box n ribbon it...we went his house..we wait at outside..the wind so strong n cold...we get into his house n continue chat till 2.30am...sufen seem like wanna sleep decide went back...n dun disturb ser le..he wan rush the assignment n lab report tat will pass up on left his house le...eeleng oso back her house...

Then...sufen,teng n Kk send me back...while the journey back my house...Kk keep said the cold joke to us...make us so cold at early oso nt lose to him..oso say alot wif it...we keep laugh all journey although only abt 7 minutes..we all have a fun wif it...dunno when gt tis chance to gather again...coz some of them wanna go cyber next yrs bear ya>.< NIce to meet u all... Keep it touch!!Friendship Forever ^^


min er said...

waa..someone hanged out til so late wor..haha
well..although busy..still want take care yea=)

Anonymous said...

yup happy today ler !!hmm..i will TAKE cARE d..~~u tOO ^^

yuanzhong said...

she is reli late..haha.but is first time lo..
i called her at 12am something..
coz i and keesiang wonder why so late still haven come back..haha!!

Anonymous said...

haha..yalo..1st time le..not go out so early be4 la..but i hope really gt chance go out wif them again le^^

minz said...

haizz... my 'qingren', go out until so late when i not at Melaka..
when i go back den u noe. HAHAHA