Tuesday, December 23, 2008


by yuanzhong~~

i will go back to jb at 24th december 2008 4.00pm, by senior's car..
and go back to melaka at 25th december 2008 2.00pm, by bus...

oRaNG InI cRazY huh????
stay in jb for less than 24 hours. -_-

maybe.. XD

for the sake of family, church in jb and secondary school fren.
become crazy also never mind la..haha.

normally i celebrate christmas in this church.so i wish to go back to chuch jb tis time too. used to it edi. somemore long time no contact with my church frens there too.
next, i wish to see my sister who pursue degree in teaching in kedah. she will go to kedah during january. i hope to see her as my holiday and hers always not the same.
then how come i wanna go back melaka so early ...at 25th december!!!!???
becoz of xiaoluan,junyuan,zhensiang, weeshen lo!!!
they come to melaka until 26th december..
i don't wish to let go of this chance..
somemore there is seminar at 26th december in mmu, at 4pm - 6pm..hehe..


minz said...

I went back JB yesterday night and i came back today morning.
Am i crazy as u??
I think so XD

yuanzhong said...

ya..i guess we are crazy..hahaha!!!

i was so shock when i see u this afternoon..haha!!!