Sunday, January 25, 2009

新年快乐.Happy Chinese Moo Year!

Happy Chinese Moo Year.

Wish: Badan Sihat dan Cegar sentiasa.

BY: Monitor who don't want to treat you all 100plus.But sandy available in my house now.


(Edit post for direct wishing here)

Happy 牛 year also!!!
I wan pineapple tar!!! Who can provide to me?
W2atever la, too tired, so nonsense here
So, wish 5sn1 united always, hope gt second trip this year, hope u all will always miss me...><"

Hohoho, gt sandy, then thursay go ur house.
PS: I prefer 100+, sandy toooooo sweet

By XL, always extra large....-_-"

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Anonymous said...

wee...i wan sandy..thursday i back jb..haha..can i go ur house take angpau?..HAppy chinese new year to u all^^