Sunday, January 11, 2009

Please Take Care Your Self.

by WeeS.

Satistic stated that a lot of new blogger popped out from nowhere.
As a no-experience plus write-a-lot but not-very-much blogger, I have to say something to new blogger.

First of all, congratulation to all those who newly started blogging, because they help to use up free blogger space.XD
You will have a space where you can do anything, you can use your blog as a money-making machine, or feeling-expression site, or cursing-people place, or interest-sharing blog.

As a feeling-expression blogger,I got more to say.

Blog will definitely make you crazy and change completely if you do not use it wisely.
You can sure write your feeling at blog either you are angry or happy.
But the thing is, will you take a look back on what you wrote?

Good thing is, you can review who did wrong at start if you are angry, you will feel extremely dumb when you realise you are the one who wrong.
Bad thing is, those who always feel them right will become make-people-sick people.They write blog, they said other bad thing, friends who doesnt know the situation support him/her, he/she become ridiculous. have to know what you are writting. Just to say, psycho is people who think abnormal thing than normal people. I means very riduculous+ abnormal.(abnormal is creativity)

So, don't fall in too deep in doing such idi*t thing, just like what had I type now..XDXDXDXDXDXD


ok la...if gt any problem with blogger can always ask people, like how to decorate your blog nicely, put smtg, can ask xl, she pro.

lol, what i said is really doesnt matter, its just smtg...hmm...dunno...mayb i;m the abnormal+ridiculous person.

P/s: Jg going to AUS at 13 FEB( i think so)
p.p /s: please support World Community Grid aka WCG.
ppp/s : please. write more in this blog as u can.


XL said...

I gt so pro as u meh...-_-"
U know, if some1 pro than u praise that u very pro, wat u will feel leh?

Jy said...

><...xl reli pro...yeah...

wenhui said...

i find tis post seriously funny..hahahahahahahahah

XL said...

to JY:
Becos I help u delete Cxxx mah... -_-"

WeeS said...

because nobody ever want write anything so i write anything that my blog cant write, haha, my blog not psycho.

yea. i will write more de. wahahahahahaha.

then u should feel happy when pro said u pro because he know u really wont say idi*t thing.XD

yuanzhong said...

advantages n disadvantages of blogging?
ok la..anyway thx 4 sharing such pro + creative post. XD (grab ur copyright )