Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 New Year, New Day

BY Xiaoluan

I like to write smtg on the special day only.
Happy New Year my friends!!!!

I think alot people busy on fighting for their final exam and no extra time for countdown.
They said they countdown with the notes.
Be more positively, it should be a good experience too!!!
(Dun throw egg to me)
No matter how tough, it is better than study now and jus miss the new year.
I am going to lose my chinese new year holidays!!!!

Watever, I jus coming back from the countdown there.
(Actually not "just" oso, is just wake up)
Countdown at the Sunway Pyramid there.
Alot people, alot of different kind of spray, and the people here is 热情, unlike the Melacca...-_-"
Becuase the people here full of stress? Haha
Alot black people here gua.
My fren who was drunk keep say Happy New Year to them when I carried her go to toilet. It doesn't mater, but the people there is tooooo 热情 le gua?
She said happy new year to them, but I am the one who kena the spray

But the biggest challenge for me is taking care of my fren.
She was drunk very seriously, and jus because of 1 bottle of beer
Omg, taking care of her, 1st time experience!!! Dunno wat to do at all!!!
She laugh no reason, scolded people no reason, she said she wan o liu but dun wan go toilet, she keep ran here and ran there, she threw the spray to the road wif alot of cars somemore with the police!!! Omg....
Pls imagine wat she will done in the car....zzz

So actually, unforgetful countdown, I din drunk, although I hope I can.( Wanna try wat's the feeling mah, my frens all so easy to drunk wan)
Gt the bunga api, crowded people, full of spray, and people here like to spray on ur face. So I thought I will buta. So actually I jus closed my eyes and my frens bring me walk along the road, but I still keep spray other people, hehe.

Hav a fun, really!!!
We very geng also, 4am only reach my fren's house....-_-"
Not because of traffic jam, because we hav a supper(supper??? 2am oh?) at Station 1

Anywhere, compare to last year we sat in front of the mahjong table and bet, and some of them sit in front TV and play the PSP, which 1 should be more interesting?
No answer, but I miss the calender that tore out by jiasiang. Haha
This year u did the same mistake also?
And the sparking juice VS little qiang ge
Wow!!! And JG cried tat night

Every1 said that 2008 is passed tooo fast
Do u think so oso?
According to our analysis, the main reason is
We are not in the school life anymore
We had our job at the beginning of the year. Then we spent some time to choose the pathway we wan to go. After that we had our different life in different place.
So, the lifestyle is totally different with the five years ago.
Can u get wat I mean?

Friends, hav u enjoy ur new year too?
Have u enjoy ur 2008 too?
Isit anything U haven did and quite regret now?
Isit anything U have tried ur best to finish it?
No matter how
Let's work hard together in 2009
New year can be new life, just depend on how u change ur life.

hAPPY HAPPY 牛 year!!!!

See u all on the Chinese New Year!!!


minz said...

Luanluan I wan angpao!!
Happy new year~

XL said...

I thought u are the one who should giv us??!! haha