Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am here

Walao, 5sn1 blog only tis few ppl update here only, I am one of them also...-_-"
U guys so busy? Or u guys dunno how to post here? Or feel tat tis blog is suck?
Anyway, I am here again.

Well, actually now using the computer at Jalan Bakawali, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Yes, because I am too free, too rich, too boring, so I come back to JB again
Actually the main reason is too miss u guys ok?
( truth: Gt some important doc hav to take lah, cant post because I oso dunno where I keep)
So, see how boring I am

Well, last week had the new campus life at the new environment and the new frens and new teachers
Talk abt the sch 1st
Well, compare with the factory sch in the PJ, of cos Setapak is much more better
Around 5 blocks there? Not sure also
The lecturer I think better than foundation also
And the subjects, of cos, as prediction and expectation, I gt interest to study it
And I hav to pay more effort becos 先天不足,只好用后天来祢补

Next post only talk abt my house...
(Waiting for photos)

The most happy things I think is finishing a "task"
Cos finally know a handsome guy which is same course with me(almost same class but I changed class!!! So regret!!!!)
Cos that guy is handsome, tall, CGPA 4.0, rich and nice
Wahahaha, and hope can know him since foundation.
But now success edi, somemore live same place different block, maybe car pooling in the future, and can eat lunch or dinner together....!!!
BUT I know that it is quite impossible to become tat kind of relationship, cos we all very clear tat he will be a good fren but not a bf.
So, I am jus happy tat gt a handsome fren to show off...-_-"

Back to the topic tat I come back here
Well, din meet a lot ppl cos I think I choose a wrong time to come back
Form 6 gang all not available althougth they are holidaying
Liping - SG
Huiting- genting
Jiasiang -KL
Keesiang- Perak
Yeeting- no transport
Weiqing- exam
Wenhui - forget the reason
So at the end I jus met KC, YY, Looi, YM, YC
Well, hav fun also ok

Well, going bec again, dunno when come bec, cos every time travel lk tat very $$$ and easy to sick
Good luck to all my frens!!!!

(PS: Hope no ppl die tml....)


yuanzhong said...

hahaha!! ok..will TRY to post more >.<
consider the guy la..
so good in every areas..
somemore if u don want still can introduce to us,5sn1 girls wat..


take care in setapak.=)

Ting90723 said...

i really dont know how to post to this blog lo....haha
Paiseh....Can u tell me????

WeeS said...

ask me ma...hahaha

for xl
get him, :D
got better than dun hav...
hahaha, its very troublesome when u lk him then many girl stick with him and u will very hard....:D

its not my situation now, hahahahaha, trust me...

XL said...

Well, dun siao, haha
Next time only post the photo of him, hehe
But not now, no internet....><"


WeeS said...

same here no internet, dunno when can i get the streamyx....the service person told me 3 month, hahaha, 3 month without wble and portal of utar, die!!!!!


so rajin now, never feel so hardworking before in secondary school also...well, wait my internet also, upload the "beautiful until u die " photos of the kmapar utar!!!

hehehehe...everyday watch sun rise sun set...the colour of orang red...then breathe the air of time gua...:D

that malay-australian i think very good also...XD

XL said...

3 months, wohoo!!!
Gt pc= no pc

Now I hardworking not because I wan, because the coursemates here really omg omg
Feeling stress edi

My Kampar frens told me can go fishing there woh, go n try bah!!!
Can catch very very big fish

WeeS said...

lol, here de fish many lk hell, and gt bai he also...still gt lian hua, but because more building build up now, the environment affected, as plants all become yellowish....

after i graduate i think there is no more good thing to watch beside the hills....

your classmate ar?u still class rep??my here no bad, cause all new student dun dare to LC, haha, mayb the most bising guy is me ka??

here de pasar malam is heaven for guy....:P

me also, assignment, presentation, full report x 3...test week 5...omgomgomgomgomg, if internet come i will die...!!!

XL said...

I jus know that my accounting teacher keep complaining abt Kampar everything, especially the staff there...-_-"

Well, if according to wat u said, then i hav to die loh....

Cos my internet come edi!!!!!