Friday, June 26, 2009


Since gt ppl ask that how to post the article in blogspot, so now having a tutorial here.
Step 1: Open the website.

Step 2: At the right hand side corner there, click the "Sign In"

Step 3: Enter the username n password.

Step 4: The page will auto link to this page, click the "New Post" if u wan to post a new article. Click "Edit Post" if u wanna to edit or delete ur previous post.

Step 5: Type in ur article inside the box, after finish it, click "Publish Post"

If u wan to edit something abt the post, u also can do like this.

Step 1: Click the customize.

Step 2: Click the Main title "Posting" then click the sub title,"Edit Post". U can edit ur article or delete the article here.

If u hav own google account, to make ur life easier, u can use ur own google acc to write the article here. To do so, u hav go to the "Customize"---> "Setting"---> "Permission"
Click the "Add Author" then insert ur address n bla bla bla.

So dun give any excuses that U dunno how to post the article here le woh!!!!



bt i don kwn how to change the template o ..i don want use the provide tat 1....
can u teach me le?

Christine said...

u wan change the layout everything or the background image bla bla bla???


maybe jz background gua..
like raining , seaside....
u kwn who i am ?

Ting90723 said...

-_- i know how to post just dun know the password n user name la....