Sunday, August 23, 2009

free magazine!!

Free Magazine!!
Big n latest news!!!

(Sarawak, 22th-August-09 )
Ah looi is not S&A (single and available, quote from xiaoluan) anymore..

Birthday boy's dream succeed on his birthday. Hence, next time do make this wish on ur birthday.(@.@ bish!! @.@ )

Feel free to congratz him.
For further information, do contact his msn or hp no.(muahaha!!)

(Perak, Kampar , unknown date)
Wee Shen seems to be in complicated relationship.
Do send your regards or ask him as this is the spirit of 5sn1.(muahahahaha.)

In addition, those who changes status, or have a big news, small news, inquiry, problem, whatsoever, u can ket us know through many ways such as:
1) post it straight in 5sn1 blog
2) post "wall-post" in Face Book
3) state in P.M. (personal message) in MSN
4) tell reporter of Free Magazine.(lolz!!!)

Honoured to be the reporter.
Brought to you by Alice Cheng Yen Choong.


WeeS said...

wa sei....
Me ar....hahaha

I'm still single lar....hahahaha
Complicated = many?? GF? hahaha

XL said...

become follower edi...
Maybe u like ah looi woh, suddenly give a bomb to us

yuanzhong said...

haha!! yalor yalor..

WeeS said...

wont lar....hahaha
bomb = I'm gay.

btw, u 2 also gt a lot ba, when wan give us boom leh?


yuanzhong said...

don tell me u r gay leh..many girls will dissapointed de..

i n xiaoluan??haha..
i don hv news la..
don know xiaoluan there?hehehe!!!

WeeS said...

mayb lo, i took a lot leng zai photos for u all, dun wry, hahhaha