Monday, August 31, 2009

Orange Daily Ba Gua News

1) Jay chou with jolin.
Jay chou said he wan with lin zhi ling, then jolin gt a boy younger than her, jolin is 28 and he is 22. So they dun wan to be together, dunno the reason.

2) Liu de hua with Zhu Li Qian
Liu de hua dun wan marry, he scare later gt ppl wan commit suicide again

3) Wee Shen with his housemate
Wee shen is in perlis nw and stay in his housemate house, he visited some place include biggest tebu land in malaysia. Also a place called bukit kayu hitam which gt a lot of thai massage...and .....~.~(actually havent go yet, i think no chance go...)

4) Nw facebook very hot, all thing come from facebook, so our magazine company end soon, go register facebook now!

5) nikewee said he wont register facebook edi, see mood, casue streamyx wan come le, bt he said he wan delay becos soon he will go b to jb for 3 weeks and dun wan waste other bandwidth.

6) please try to understand what I had reported, because u all dun understand, nobody wan buy my magazine sia.sad.


just for laugh.


Anonymous said...

Free magazine VS Orange Daily Ba Gua News

yuanzhong said...

haha..come on la wee..let's merge..hahahaha~~

liu de hua tat case i know since beberapa years before edi..coz my sis's fren relative is zhu li qian.they say both r married edi..

don know true or not la..they say got children..Maybe in newspaper sooner will bao4liao4 that they hv children since n years before.haha.

WeeS said... it...>.< i lose le...haha
becos hong kong gt very famous apple ri me is orange news.

erm, actually the first news is....hehehe, gt another meaning de, guess it, bt i know all ppl know edi, i'm the one who dont hav facebook.

btw, commentless.

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