Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hello, Everybody, I am back


I am back to JB...?
Fortunately, nope... Yesterday I went to LRT Station to send back my heart to JB, so I am not longer as XL anymore...
Isit silly n stupid? haha, maybe or dunno
I am jus missing everything at JB, family, frens, comp, n memories...

I keep planning to go back hometown in tis month.
I tried, really, but very gANasai ganasai sch, I having my test in next 2 saturday.
It makes me to stay here, abadoned everything in JB, celebrate my father, sister and brother birthday...
Stupid UTAR lah!!!
So...I really miss home lah...!!!

Actually I quite having fun here, and jus now jus spend RM100 for today
OMG, sakit hati, tat is why I came here for study 1st, of cos not for spend money lah, is playing here.
Alot of things can play here, then we keep going shopping wif frens...
Hmm, actually ntg to shopping oso, we just having our fun...
But compare to LJ, he more geng gua? everyday go out wif his gang...

Last week, we are having our fun in the lecture class. The class rep of TD8 had planned for a suprise for our economic teacher. The scenario at tat time damn funny. We switched off all the lamp inside the class, and lock the front door so tat our lecturer can enter from another door. Then a representative sang a love song to our lecturer n kept put electric toward the lecturer, haha. At the end of the show, the guy knee down n gav a rose to our lecturer. Haha, damn funny.
Dunno they upload to yuotube oredi o not, haha.

Then maybe they feel very shuang, we celebrate our chemistry lecturer's birthday at the next day... They too free isit? nola, jus having fun, and i just keep laughing. Fortunately, they are not my classmate, becos they very yellow de, keep saying condom in the class...-_-"

I pass my chemistry test le, muahahha
I fail my physic test le, muahahaha ( sure wat)

Alot of test, alot of assignment, alot of frens, alot of handsome guy, alot of beauty, alot of Malay, alot of missing..

Lol, really lol, miss u all so much
TQ for KC becos callng me last last night...
Talk abt 49 minutes...(He called me, happier, wahahaha)
He said tat, new frens, really cant compare wif old fren, means old frens much better lah
Agree wif tis statement, becos we know for 5 years oredi, we know the pattern n style of our frens, now we hav try to get used other new frens, it nid some times for me...of cos, I will try to do it...
Very glad tat, when kc told me " u still so understand me"
Means tat i haven forget ur stupid style mah, haha.

WQ, I think u are the 1 i can find when I really back to JB...
YC, I think u having ur fun hours at ur MMU new life, haha, cherish it!
SW, so long no contact each other, becos u always very busy...-_-"
LJ, u go die lah,
JG, I know ur secret oredi...^^
WS, I jus can receive forward msg from u only, n 1 month for 1 msg only...-_-"
YY, not spreading, becos my new fren told me, " sharing is caring"
ZS, oso forward msg only...I wan know ur news lah...
Jason, y u always look blue blue de?
CH, be patient la...
WH, love malaysia always, although I am the 1 who always "changsuei" malaysia
TR, gambatek for ur physic subject oso, haha
XX, u go to SDJ le?
ME, JG very miss u...T.T
KK, u thin le?
Connie, sorry lah, n welcome to tis blog, I scare 1 day, every1 will forget here...
SY, ganasai, always cant c u on9 de
LP, dun go Gopeng kao guy, but KC told me there gt no handsome guy leh...><"
WH, hmm, dun always eat penang laksa, not good for health.
JS, stupid baoli, I will go ur house next time de, sure!!!
PY, hmm, dun hav ur news at all...-_-'
YM, i miss u? i miss u? ya, i miss ....ur cake...><"
KS, i dun call u gold pig le oh?becos tis year is mickey's year

Walao, dunno y, very tired
HP 1 week can spend RM50...geng leh...
Who I called? who I smsed?
U? He? She? It??!!
Ook....Iknow the murderer is who...bUT it is cant tell de secret...
I know Ivery fei here...jus let me pollute here ok?
Next test on next Sat, includes 6 topics...
Siao ah?
yaya, siao le...
Take care u all...


wen hui said...

malaysia government sucks damn racist..=.='' even my sg frens say so...damn xiasuey
singapore government rocks..but live in pigeon hole and drink purified water from dirty water(NEwater) LOL........!!!

written by
malaysian in singapore

yM said...

What do u meant by "miss my cakes??"

Xiaoluan said...

haha, u dun always lazy go out or wat la, like tat u will die becos of hungry loh...U thin enuf le...><"

hmm, jus long time no taste ur cake le la, haha

Sy said...

Don't kanasai me leh!Haha!