Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 exam style which bring me to the memory land

by yuanzhong

went back jb..not only met with frens..also went back to school..
coz wanna do certified document..
however i cant go to visit teachers and junior as my mum is waiting me in car.
but i did congratez BSM junior for hving champion when i saw them..
when i walk in the school...feeling back again.miss JJ1 ah..

having exam yesterday night...
perhaps becoz just come back from jb..met with form 6 geng and wee..
and then met with kc,gow,looi,luan..
when i did my exam paper...
suddenly remember the scene that 5 sn1 have during exam..
of coz not tiru...but talking, chit chatting, and grabbing others eraser, pencil box..
i still remember when pn parveen,who sayang us so much be our exam teacher..
she will bring her smile while see us doing such funny things during exam..
and then also other teacher like pn.loy, cik gan...who sayang us so much..

then i sit in my exam hall..
air cond is nice...nice environment..and can wear own comfortable cloth..
but, the feel is different..

hehe..i start to miss secondary school exam style.
although is hot place, uniform with tied hair..

i miss...so much..i just know that..is so deep...
deeper than what i thought before..
sometimes i am not willing to let go the past..
but..i need to treasure the things i have now too..
everything have its own timing..

so, i want to appreciate the time now as well..
coz everything will over soon..
i'll not be a student forever..

miss u all... ^-^
and reli cherish the friendship we have..
friendship forever!

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