Sunday, August 3, 2008

Condition of mE

My condition:

a) Poor
Explanation : Becos now is end of the month, tis month I gt alot extra expenses, I not regret for tat becos most of them are quite useful. But I poor until eat biscuit for every meal. Why I dun eat magee mee anymore? Not becos of magee mee not healthy ( really nt good for health lah) becos even magee mee I oso finish oredi!!! Wat the hell !!!!!

b) Depressing
Explanation : Yesterday I had my physics 1st test, before tat my target is at least pass the test. My last physics only gt 2.5/10. Wat a stupid result!!! Then I put alot of effort, and do alot of exercise, ask alot of ppl. Of cos, ask for the tips oso. Now, I gt tips, I gt understanding. However, I still fail my test.

c) Tired
Explanation : Tml gt debate for computer studies. USB flash drive VS Hard disk. Of cos I choose USB Flash Drive lah...and I am the 1st debater...Our opposing side is god, becos he is fully banana, good in english n every academic. His english good until I cant understand wat he talks abt...-_-" Friday gt another presentation, economic. And very lucky tat, we are the 1st group to present. And very lucky then, I haven prepare the power point, wat the....-_-'"

d) Sienzz
Explanation : Wed gt english test, my english is terrible somemore.... Sat gt chemistry test, I dun wan fail lah....

e) Stress
Explanation : Becos later I nid prepare my dinner wif my roommate for 4 ppl...Hmm, 1st time neh...Cooking smtg to frens...I good in baking only...Cooking...? wait for my housemate comment bah...

f) Ganasai
Explanation : Tis blog can close le....? Look lk I am doing smtg very foolish becos of creating tis blog.

g) Happy
Explanation : Tis sat can meet wif my dear dear frens oredi, 3 month dun c each other le...I wan go 3838 and take pic of yy sleeping style ( becos I know he din wear shirt 1, muahaha)

h) Crazy
Explanation : ........

Allot of new album come out now!!! But I really no time to listen oso...

Hmm... go study le lah...Still gt 3 lab report haven finish yet...becos is physics report...Shit!!!!

I am not XL
I am ghost, becos now is JULY....muahahaha


Anonymous said...

i hate debating ~~~lol
just luan luan say can le...wahhahaha...then must start ur sentences with according to......then no one will doubt wat u say......wahhaaha.....XD XD..then also must look directly into the teacher's etc la...good luck..

yuanzhong said...

seems like ur life there is tough..
jiayou ah !!!my dear fren..