Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Laporan Lawatan ke Melaka sambil Belajar - version 2

Second day...

After came back from the swimming pool was abt 1 o clock smtg le...They all ppl is figthing for 2 toilet...-_-"Settle all the things, ppl go to sleep, go to chat, go to gossip...Hmm, I gt alot things wan to gossip de...But alot ppl kacau there...But never mind!!! I still know smtg...hmm, haha, secret neh...><"

Then only leave me, kc, ah looi ,yy and yt in the dining room, other go to do pig or do worm ( bookworm)Then I sugested tat go yamcha, muahaha. But yt wan to study lah...4 guys...(-_-") went to the mamak stall together. I just drink a hot teh tarik...We sat there from 2am until 6.30am. Do u all curious tat wat we had talk for tis 4 and half hours? haha, jus smtg nonsense. I very sleepy tat time de...Tat damn KC keep looking at me, let me feel embrassing if I asleep, becos he was talking mah...haha

Then 6.30am go back to their house, I wanna watch the "ri4 chu1" de...><"

JG woke up oredi, becos later he will took 8.30am bus go back to KL. Why he went back so early? Jus becos of sunday noon n night dun hav any ticket anymore, only the morning, so he went back tat time. How abt me? Hmm, I jus reach Melacca at sat 4pm, u wan me went back so early?! I don wan loh!!! So I skip monday 1st class...See, I sacrifice so much...Math lecture class leh...><"

Okok, then everybody dun wan sleep 1st.

After tat, all ppl straight away went to sleep, except me...><><" took from refri de, so quite nice for me. Then everybody was study for their exam, dun wan disturb them lah...

When I was writing blog outside, JS who sat beside me start to study le...After 10 minute, I turned my head right, then I saw he was sleeping...-_-"haha, funny JS. They all very pity lah, nid to accompany us n study oso...

Abt 12pm, we had our lunch at a restaurant. The fried pork mee...not nice...haha

After tat we went back thier house n prepare went out gaigai le. Lol, the guys hoh, very geng de loh, kept make up n let gals waiting for them oh!!! Unfair de lah!! everytime lk tat!!! JS very shy, he sprayed his hair inside the toilet n dun wan let us see. I know he jus spray alot...haha.

Go there by bus lah...On the bus, me n YC met a woman from China, she was having his trip at Malaysia. We chatted alot, she is a teacher from China secondary sch. Now is having their summer holiday. Tat day is her 1st time came to Melacca. Then we gt asked the things in China lah... We feel very XXX when she asked us who build the red house...Omg!!! I returned to my primary n secondary teacher oredi!!! Then I remembered is Holland, YC said is Portugis... Haha, I not suitable to become the "dao3 you2" isit?

We reached a building opposite mahkota and go in walk walk.

Hmm, I am not feeling well tat time, then I bought hot chocolate.. Dunno who took de photo loh...-_-"

Then JS said he hungry oredi o. He forced us go to burger king becos the burger there is huge enuf n can full his stomach, haha.I think JS very high tat time, becos we keep " sai" him and...XXX. Hehehe, maybe u all can c his gf soon le!!! After tat we walked around the shopping centre, why it looks different when I came here 5 yeatrs ago ( 5 yrs leh... stupid) Actually we planned to buy our own t shirt wif same design but different clr de... All ppl can fit in, but only Ah Looi and JS loh... JS u know de lah...giant..><" but ah looi loh, he too tall!!! Then forget it lah, if 1 ppl no wear it, it become meaningless oredi...

We went to the opposite shoping centre again. Then went to the K box there ( inside a box de, jus can fit in 4 ppl). It is becos they dunno call which shop ah, must consume RM100 for DRINKS ONLY, it haven include the food, n the money for singing de..shit man!!! Then we chincai lah, go there, jus RM1 per song... The songs not nice. the sound not nice, but we very happy!!! haha.

YY so....><"

We went back to house by bus. All ppl wan sleeping in the bus oh. I no sleep at all loh!! So I can straight away sleep if I closed eyes!!! haha. We nid to transfer bus at Melacca central. But tat bus very shit de, stay there for 25 minutes!!! shit man, n no air cone, very hot, n stupid driver keep pressing the oil!!!! Somemore me n JS were sitting the seat in front the door 1!!!! Wakao. Then JS cant tahan anymore, he went " talk" the ppl who sold the ticket. Then the bus start the journey immediately...-_-" haha, baolimo shows his true tech leh!!!! Then we realised tat the bus we were sitting now is the 1st bus I sat at here. So we decided ( me n JS ) only lah, wan buy the toto. Haha, u wan buy it ? the no is 3180, hari kemerdekaan!!! Haha, dunno JS gt help me buy o not, becos I haven gave him the money leh...

Then we had our dinner at at cafe, "mo2 li4 dian3 zi". KS and YT come out from house oso le, and an extra guy... Very touching tat when we enter the cafe, the singer there was singing " xin bu liao qing"!!! Walao, touching!!!

U gt see uncle b4? Isit look alike? I think add 1 more "shan4 zi3" will be very good.

We took tis picture gt special reason de oh!!! U know why? becos gt 5 ppl ( me, kc, ks, zs n yt) want eat rice. Then the waitress told us tat only can provide 3 plates. Then no choice loh, everyone wan eat rice. Becos chepaer mah, ah looi said can full his stomach. Then we o beh som. So, tat is the winner is tat game, haha!

After eating, the 3 stupid guys ( ZS, KC JS) go to swin again. Me n YC were standing at the " yang2 tai2) watched them. We talked alot again, I thought we gt no chance to talk lk tat anymore. At the same time, YY was buying the cake ( we buy together de lah, but he go took it) My job was take away YC from tat way.

Then wait for every1 to bath, it was 1am oredi. Then we wan start our party soon le. Tat YC loh, not cooperate at all. She keeps walking outside, eat makanan ringan, then food fall down on her book, then not full enuf n drink milk, somemore sitting outside. I kept scold her dun walk walk lk tat, go concentrate on her study. Then she ohohoh, but still walking...-_-" Finally, we asked WS to close YC inside the room by asking some ques. Then we all prepared the things outside...haha.

Happy Birthday, my friends...

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