Friday, August 1, 2008

Wallet...wallet .where r u???

by wen hui

i hav nv felt so ****** ** before......T.T
i lost my wallet yesterday in school and i don even rmb how i lost it and of course i panic-ed like siao....=.=
this is the second time in two years..
who to blame??
Me of blurness and etc
and the worst thing wallet consists of my
(a) IC << my cute cute IC with my cute cute primary 6 photo..(don puke)
(b) Student pass << tat means i cant even go back to malaysia now(for the time being of course)
(c) Student admin card << i cant borrow books and dvds from the library...T.T
(d) Student EZlink card << i cant watch movie for 6 dollars
(e) ATM card << i hav to cancel it..
(f) Singtel prepaid card << it costs 20 dollars and i bought it the day before the incident..
(g) Money << bout 80 dollars....omg!!!!! damn sien...and my mom nagged so much

P/S sorry to yt for not going back tis week......i frigging miss u..!!!

P/S again....a million thx to my chem jeffrey whey...for helping me search for my wallet and giving me 10 dollars yesterday...u r the sweetest teacher i ever had...XD (i know u will nv see tis...but i hav to express my gratitude somehow right?)


Xiaoluan said...

oh, my poor fren...
U lose hundred ringgit above le...
haha, nvm la, u can change ur ic le..muahahah

yishi said...

hey..nvm la..we still gt time 2 meet la..dun feel so regreat la..

5 Science 1 said...

yuanzhong here..

sayang my dear..
take care ya..dear fren.