Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Extra Version

Sorry tat I dun put YT photo, becos she keeps avoid from camera...-_-"
Thank you u all for this 3 days. I bring a very hurted heart go the place gt u all. I felt very glad tat u all cure my heart, but the luka become bigger after I go back to KL.
As wat u all know, I quite stress here, the reason I told u all oredi oso. Hmm, especially when I step in ur all house, within 20 minute, then I xxx oredi. I cant control it lah, becos I know, u all treat me very good, care me, understand me alot. That is the power of friendship, I think tat.
Tq alot of ppl. Lk JS, 1st day on the bus we chatted alot oredi. I know wat ur problem oso, it looks lk same wif mine. But wat we can do, jus face the problem n try to solve it. I know u will be better, especially after u come back to home, u still gt tis gang of good friends. But mine different oh...N I realised tat u very lk to touch my shoulder o...-_-" haha, it doesn't matter for me lah. N ur action become very open now...haha. I quite shock when u hold my hand in the bus, shit man!!! Really dunno u will do such thing!!! Haha, u seduced my hand oh...how?
KC oso. I very touching n suprised tat when I c ur changes. U become more gentle o wat lah. Especially when I am not feeling well, u will accompany me when I go other place, when I look so painful, or wat. I really dunno u r tis kind of ppl oso. Another things more is when I told u my prob, u blame me y i din call u tat time. I feel wanna cry u know?! The reason, I think is, I know u all gt a good new life, n why I wan to disturb ur life? Haha, tat's is my opinion lah.
Of cos YC oso. When we talked at the yang2 tai2, I feel lk...wanna hug u all tat time. It is truth. Becos I really dunno how strong of our friendship. I quite regret tat y I wan come here n study. However, I am here now, tis is my choice. N alot of things, we know, we understand, and we had try to face it. I hope u will hav a great life there oso, don like me...ok?
N alot of ppl oso, lk YY. Alot things we cant chat becos alot ppl there. Hmm, take care n gambatek....><" N yt, u haven show ur vege to me...haha. YM oso oh!~~~
Ah Looi ah...dun be so opitismic...We really can feel tat u are too stress at there. Relax lah. N I dun blame u to bring us go such a long way to find the satay lulut. Really lah!! Becos u let me feel tat 5sn1 is coming back when we walked there. Singing, shouting, crazying...haha.

Weishan very good ppl lah, i can know tat from her habit. N 1st time c ur bf...hehe. But gt no chance talk wif him oso, haiz. However lah, take care, next time i will go there again, but hav to make sure u all dun hav any test ok? I dun wan u all cant study leh...
KS ah...hmm, u still so naugthy...haha
I feel sorry to u all when I know tat u all gt dicuss tat study at JB n dun study in front of us b4 we came melacca. Very sorry abt tat, I very....XXX lah!!! I quite strange when u all study but I cant help u all anything, cant study together, cant teach u or share wat. Becos wat we study now is totally different. Hmm, it makes me feel strange lah.
However, really tq u all. Hmm, the day I went back, u all still sleeping. It looks cool becos I jus leave lk tat n left a letter inside YY's drawer. Not funny loh, u all find it so early...><" haha. Tis is wat I really think abt lah.
Lastly, tq u all for giving me such a good memory n experience!!! TQ!!!!

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