Tuesday, August 5, 2008

back to jb...

By yuanzhong

luan..u din make a wrong decision la..i still think that this blog is benefitial..haha.
at least whoever got things to share, article to post or free time to on9..
still can find a space to share, to post, to look - which is 5sn1 blog.

hmm...come back from melaka mmu to jb..after living outside, reli miss my house!!! my family!!! and frens!!
jusco here is so big yea...haha!!! i go there 2 days continuously edi..haha..
reli looking forward to meet with everyone..
and i find that form 6 geng r reli under pressure...hahaha..but u guys r so cute and funny!! ^^

this sat, guests from 5sn1 will come to my melaka hostel...muahaha!!! so happy!!
do You feel envy??then u guys come and visit us during ur holiday as well..then u will be the guest..haha...bish!..hehe.. (always SS ..don blame me la..xP)

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wen hui said...

i also wan to go melaka~!!!whahah...but cant.///cuz exam coming..and i m still slacking..T.T
miss u a lot..
gambatte take care and good luck