Thursday, June 5, 2008

good bye + cherish

By yuanzhong ~~

is 1.18am have my beauty sleep(mei3rong2jiao4) tonite..haha..
maybe i wont on9 so often as i don bring computer to melaka.
first temptation is out..haha..
and i need to say...thank you wee shen coz u visited me..and also munhon,yongyao,jiasiang ^^
wee..long time no see..might be another long time no see..but must remember me..haha..

wanna sleep lo...need to wake up at 6 am as i need to start my journey at 7am.
good frens..although all of us- ppl in 5sn 1'2007 might have lesser contact..
but!!!! friendship forever ya!! so keep in touch..
it sounds boring as many ppl keep talking the same ..
but, if You who sit in front of the computer feel boring when seeing such thing..
hope that u can close ur eyes and sense...and think back..
i am not trying to hold u we cant live in the past..
but we should cherish and make our friendship keep going on..
and then..hope that all of us can meet our good frens too no matter in what place we are.

^^ god bless everyone!!! ^^

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