Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FRIENDS..how are you?

Hi..first time for me to post something here.
My MMU life is blur blur one..haha ..Many things still in status ‘unknown’ now .Just wait for my heart and mind settle down and get used to it. The life live with friends quite not bad la..especially js damn funny and crazy..First time I feel the ‘BaoliMo’ so important..bring the joys to our family..(family..the words suitable to us or not? Haha=.=)But I think the less chance for us together in future le gua..nvm..we are still family
A fews days ago I back to JB..erm..I hav gathering with Weiqing and Wenhan..
omg..when I type their name now..miss them again....of course u all la
but I never meet the stpm friends lo..kk..sw..and others..haiz..forget it lo..

Thx to xiaoluan..accompany me with your handphone when the journey for me go back to Melaka..when I so blue..
Jy..long time no see le..got miss me or not..
Weilun..so sorry I cannot play audition with u..and miss u=.=
Kc how are you...waiting for u to come and take your watch la..

Ws..gambateh at sg..
KK..cute..so cute!!
Lj..I know you got many friends now la..so go away lar u..wahaha
Ch..thank you for ur call..
Wenhan..have u prepare for the kdu life..the life full of girls..your wish is granted..
Zs..u better show yourself in front of us quickly..!! wahaha..but never mind..We both still buddy..>.<

Give bless to Four Flowers..hope u four always safe and stay happy in every moment..(see..i so sincere yi xia>.<)

And OTHERS..u all run in my brain now.so..ur legs is ok..? Run quite long time le……....cold..=.=``

3.31am..I feel sleepy and blue..hope someone can give me strength now..


I want to know….but I still havent find the answer by myself..haha..quite stupid


Hope can meet u all soon..

Friendship Forever~~


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