Monday, June 9, 2008

MMU Life

wow..long time no online le..since last friday 6 is my 2nd day at MMU..very nervious n strangeness..1st day orientation quite fun but a bit boring when in briefing session. We divide into a few group,blue,green n yellow.Me,ks n ws in red group..but not in same group because got divide in many small group..our chief of red group very funny n other orientation commitee of red group also very nice..many action and slogan made by them..all very special because our red group used goat as represented..haha ^ ^the school got provide food in this four day till Thursday..I stop talking abt the school..i so,how are u all in JB? WQ must take care with your body n eat time i go back to JB ,I want to see u become more fat.. and must gambateh in your study..


Wen Hui said...

Ting Ting Mei~!!!!*YUCK*
It's been a long time since..XD XD
enjoy ur orientation~!!!
and...wat's with the "long time din online le"? it's only been four days..=.='''''''
anyway...r u going to our class reuinion on 21st of june??
hope u r coming..after all melaka isnt tat far from johor right??
XD selfish me~~~~~wahahahha

WeeS said...

????class reunion??...