Friday, June 20, 2008



come back to jb again lo..
so happy to be in my house...everything become so big
it is not becoz my house is so big or a bangaloo,
but is bcoz the house in melaka is mini.haha.
suddenly, i hv weird feeling. coz i have 2 houses now.
of coz jb one is the home sweet home la..haha..

the life in mmu is nice and fun. (sometimes a bit boring also la..haha.)
we hv the chance to know international student (IS) .
most of them r african. some r other countries such as arab and other.
my concept was totally changed when i started to know them.
those african r actually friendly and nice.
most of them get goverment scholarship and come to here.
we even hv the chance to eat african is so yummy !!!
and also,i know some mixed blood frens..
i find that i n my chinese frens in mmu r so "rusa dari kampung"
we will chat with the mixed blood/IS and keep peeping at them.haha.
coz their looks r so special.1 of them is just like a barbie doll pretty. haha.

hmm..i was acting as Ju-on , a ghost on orientation night. keke..
it is my precious experience face kena make up until ugly.
let me more like a ghost face.haha.
i truly hope that i get the photo asap..haha..
it is reli a breakthrough for me.
besides that,e performance makes me know more frens..
i always mamak with them after practicing..haha..

how is everyone? hopefully everyone is in good condition ya.
do sms,email or call me lo. ^^
god bless ya..

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