Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Adult...No kid, nono,I can Watch 18PG..

@when I birth.

Happy Birthday To me, kc, n Jason.
Happy adult day to me, kc, n Jason.
Happy DAUW day to me, kc, n Jason.

*DAUW=do anything u want.

and also, coming soon, Joon, WH, n...please refer to calendar at the bottom of the page.


ATTN: murid 5 science 1

Sesiapa yang tidak mengenang kawannya akan didenda Rm 5000,
Boleh membayar melalui bank, e-bank, cash ataupun cheque kepada saya.

Saya menggunakan bahasa malay untuk membuat post ini adalah bertujuan memngekuatkan bahasa malaysia saya yang semakin menjadi lemah.

Dirasminkan oleh,
bukan ketua tingaktan.


No online for a really long time (compare the time I was in secondary).

Really lots of posts here, but seem all are from same author.

Really changed a lot...


My Hp no in singapore is 82066494.
I don't know how you guy can contact me...So help yourself...

Product Details:
Code Name: Wong X Shen
Date of Made: 11/6/90
Date of Expiry: Not Now.
Materials: 60% water, 10 % blood, 10% skin, 10% meat , 9% toxic and 1% stupidness(ban in USA)
Condition till 11/6/08:-

Position of Product:

Additional Information:
Handle with care
Do not Iron on Face
Bleach In Alcohol
Hand Wash Only
Product will shrink when you ignore it

I reported my condition le...hehehe...
Thnk who dun miss me, and also who miss me...XD
Thnk for any greeting and wishing.
Thnk for any gifts and presents.
Thnk for any concern.
Thnk for anything, anyone, any...



wen hui said... malay really sucks now too..T.T

ym said...

misses u a lot arh~~
Haha our dearest monitor..

Won't forget u de la...

TAke care ya~~^^