Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Very "lucky" day

by Sy n Me

Today when we stepped into our school,we felt uneasy liao....After assembly,lower form 6 was asked to stay back.Then a very kanasai teacher starts her speech,telling us that all lower form 6 at least need to hold a post in the school and the post must be very high one.The most easy is to become a perfect in school.So all of us was forced to become a perfect.If don't want,we got to hold a post of president of any club in the school.

Then, she say we should not be selfish for not contributing in the school.We should not think of study only,if we want to get some benefit we should contribute.So...The teachers then gave all of us the form to become the perfect,asked us to fill in and pass up.

And then a very kanasai things start happens...we were standing in front of the teacher when the kanasai teacher was speaking.Then the teacher points at us asking us what post we want to hold if we don't want to become a perfect coz we didnt pass up the form.We thinks that she is talking crap lo.Coz we don't have a choice what!Other than perfect left the post of president only lo.

After that the kanasai teacher points at us again.This time is saying that we are wearing what what 'maxi' skirt.We don't even know what she means lo.What is the definition of 'maxi'??Is it we are wearing a too big skirt?Very funny lo,skirt too large also cannot!

The most annoying thing is she has used about the first three periods to talks about all that things,so long-winded.And we are standing there with our bag and books in hands for that long!So heavy!And for that time no wind at all!Very hot lo! What the fxxx.


wenhui said...

U two actually used the F word..=.=
but then ur teacher really....lol..i m rendered speechless..makes me think of when we were in JJ1..only tat time the boys were the only ones forced to succumb...
but it's still important to hold a post though...for the CCA points..???LOL...realistic me..XD

5 Science 1 said...

heh...who can teach me how to post my name ah..so that i no need to write yc everytime..haha..

ur teacher is so...qian da.
prefect need to buy another uniform rite?why don u all go and take president post? haha..

ME and SY said...

hmm..haha..tat F word is teached by sum1 de..den we're easy be affected mah..haha
hmm..the G teacher really very wat wat lor..cant tahan lor..but at last we are surrendered..=="
haha..but it cant be denied tat tis world is really realistic..XD

haha..ure kinda cute neh..^^
yup..its truth..she is so wat wat lor..when we handed up the form..she straight changed her attitude towards us..
yay..its need a new uniform..its waste..haiz..but no choice for us..
haha..president post.??its not possible for all of us to get tat ba..haha..coz later many of us in same persatuan..so wat can say is..she sot sot de..haha..hahahaha

WeeS said...

ask bf go punch teacher la...lol
u still in secondary ma, can fight de...XD

bt in sing u tak boleh buat macam itu, kerana kamu akan dibawa ke balai polis dan polis akan buli awak.

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