Sunday, May 11, 2008

friendship forever

by yuanzhong ~~

xiaoluan..i will remember to write my name in this blog...
or else u just thought that i am Kc...T_T..haha

hmm..this blog is the website that most often i tekan and go in recently..
hopefully everyone still continue post dengan rajin yea..

everyone is starting another life journey...
which is so different from before..
so...wish that all of us good luck and jiayou everytime...
and still remember each and everyone of 5 sn 1' 2007 in JJ1.
and hope that everyone can meet good frens
no matter u are in uni life,college life, form 6 or working life.

friendship forever..
and may god bless ur future ^-^

1 comment:

Xiaoluan said...

Hmm, I know u are not kc la, becos kc wont call me as xiaoluan de, he jus keep call me "XL,XL"
Sorry la, but i oso dunno is u...><"