Wednesday, May 21, 2008

untitled (don know wat title should i put..keke)

By Yuanzhong

friends' of mine will be leaving to other country to further study..
i feel quite sad...but truly glad for them!!!
last time i wrote that i was sad for such leaving things...
however, i actually find that is a good oppurtunity for each and everyone to learn ^^
perhaps mood is changed by concept just depends on wat thinking am i have in my brain at that particular time. hehe..

hmm..i truly hope that i can travel to those countries, such as USA and Australia..and find them..
but the currency is too high la..hope malaysia currency value will get higher!!
malaysia boleh !!


Xiaoluan said...

The place is not much important for me, the important is, the trip, wif my dearest frens, that is, U ALL


Jason said...


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