Sunday, May 11, 2008


BY Xiaoluan

Happy Birthday to Chitheng, 10/5

And...goodbye to KC, Ah Looi and Liping

I dun wan ffk de lah, becos of some private reason, U still my best fren ok?
Take care urself la, sponsor some times to miss us, dun always miss ur SL only.><"

Ah Looi:
Long time no see our tiang le, last time is 2 days ago, at Jusco there.
Go Melaka eat as much as u can, achieve ur dream there ( become fatter de dream lah)
Take care oso ah, u easy to get sick.

Lenglui , mut getting prettier when i c u next time loh.
Really long time no c le, prettier but not darker ok?
Take care oso!!!

3 of our frens are going to leave us again...
Miss u all always!!!

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