Wednesday, May 14, 2008

With 5 SN 1 .. u will never be alone ?

By Wen Hui

One word for this ..Wow…..thanks to whoever who made this blog(xl right?).. it’s really a superb way to keep track of everyone’s life(or part of everyone’s life..)..Oh well..this is not the point ,the point is…gambatte to everyone!!!
For those who are going for matric .. study hard, play hard and sleep hard(guess it’s gonna be tiring?cuz gonna hav morning call everyday due to the morning prayers of muslims??) kidding…
For those who are going for form six .. just study like mad but do play occasionally and try hard to get four points…do us proud XD XD
For those who are going for MMU ( Cyberjaya and Melaka campus ) , UTAR or whatever other colleges in Malaysia..enjoy ur foundation life ?? Lol…^^
For those who juz seem to disappear into thin air..let us know what u r up to ASAP..
For WS ..earn as much sg dollars as u can and take care of urself and after one year ..go back to ur books…..and visit me OR
And as for me . . I hope I will survive..XD

Haih.~~~it’s been a long time since I went back to Malaysia( ok ok….it’s juz a few weeks..but then…oh well *shrug* XD)
I miss the food … T.T..the only thing that’s nice here is macdonald
I miss my home… the place I m staying now is only as big as(or maybe smaller than) my living
I miss my bunny…=.=’’
I miss my mama and papa…
I miss my toilet =.=’’
I miss u guys……
I miss the place where I hang my laundry at home (cuz I m living in a HDB flat it’s kinda scary to hang the laundry especially if u live really high up)
I miss Literally everything in Malaysia….Malaysia Boleh~!!!Lol

Erm.. I found out that Singaporeans aren’t as stuck up and cocky as I imagined them to be..they are just normal friendly,sampat,easy to get along and fun loving ppl…
Erm…I also found out that they like to use ‘basically’ and ‘sia’ in their conversations(can anyone tell me the definition of ‘sia’.?is it the same as ‘gua’ in Cantonese?)
Oh ya…one thing I really hate about sg is it’s really hard to sleep when it rains cuz the sound of thunder is too damn loud…it’s like the sound of a bomb….LOL….but thx goodness it seldom rains here…………

Wah…I crapped so much….anyway…..jia you to u all..all the best !!! Stay in contact…

P/S : YM…ur cousin really is very tall……XD


5 Science 1 said...

hi..yuanzhong here..
haha...bangga to be malaysian now rite..then u jiayou there!!
hopefully u sleep well every night.
and get good result too!!
god bless ya!!

seeyah said...

U really crapped a lot.The word "sia" dunno the definition lo.So weird de word.U muz be careful not to fall when u hang your laundry~~^.^.So u can get along with singaporeans liao lo?

miner said...

hihi~dear wen hui jie jie..haha..miner here....hmm..missed m'sia liao ler..haha..hmm..u stay in very high arh..?..den be careful arh..haha..hmm..hope u hav a sweet dream every nite ba..take care..