Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to UTAR

bY Xiaoluan

Wahpiang eh, how come totally no update here, u all wanna break my heart???
Ok...Jus make some annoucement...

UTAR Petaling Jaya Campus, not a good environment for study
Becos alot entertainment, a lot foods, a lot cars and with a polluted place.
At the same time, a lot leng zai and leng lui here....muahahaha
However, I haven know any lengzai here....haiz, wat a pity...

Very unfortunately, I am be choosen to become the class rep here. That is the monitar my class, TD5.
I am forced to do tis job...
I just same class wif Chitheng and sometime same class wif Yiheng too, for the lecture class.
But for Lijun, there are no more chance again...
It means that our fate stop here? hehehe

Lijun change a bit le...
1 week passed only leh...
He become more humour and like to laugh at me, especially when he know tat I so shuai to become class rep...-_-"
Maybe long time no chat wif girls le...?
He said his class gt 20 boys VS 5 girls
But tis 5 girls is the dinasour ( he described tat)
So he keeps tell me tat, "Jus concentrate in study"
It is true? Or jus an excuse to....><" ( pls use ur imagination for the rest story)

Hmm, wenhan is going to KL tml...
MMU gang oso going to Melaka next week oso...
JG wan come back to Subang soon oso...
Jason will go to Cyberjaya alone oso...
Hmm...wat abt others...?
How are u recently?
Pls, u are not alone...
Pls tell us tat, u hav ur new and good life now oso...

*PS: next time I wan list out the ppl who never leave their msg here...!!! ( bu shuang ing)

Ok la, tis is my address here.
Welcome for disturbing
But pls make appointment b4 u come...I very busy de loh!! hehe
Joking de lah, u come here, I bring u go gai gai, then sell u out...muahahaha

84A, Block K,
Jalan 17/1 A,
46400 Petaling Jaya,

PS: Can some1 post YC new photo here? Or YC, u wan do it urself...? hehe
PS: WQ pls take care, n bring the knife or wat awlays
PS: SW, tq for ur information
PS: JS, thx for calling me, becos I really damn boring here
PS: WH, ntg to say, haha, we will meet at KL soon
PS: XX, if u transfer to SDJ successly, pls take more photo of lengzai there!!!
PS: JG, dun always tell me u all gt gethering, I gt no special feeling le
PS: WH, u must luv Malaysia always!!! ( But dun eat MC always oh~)
PS: To any1....I gt 1 week dun eat rice le, I miss the food of chinese ppl 1....Can some1 cook for me?

To those ppl I am not mentioned here, not means tat I forget u, just becos I dun hav ur always la...

* After 3 months, my hair will longer gua...? hahaha


5 Science 1 said...

xl...u must gambateh for your study there..dun play play only..^^
n become a good monitor o.( this time not treasurer lo)stay in contact lo!Take CAre!

Wen Hui said...

wah..u got chosen as class cca points or not??wakao..i become so realistic le..hahha...mac really kill ppl de lo....i become fat le..T.T wanna lose fat~
xl~gambatte always...and how come sg no lengzai de..?hahah

Xiaoluan said...

Reply to YT:
Haha, last year I am not treasurer oso loh, I am treasurer at form 3 isit?
I gt no play play always loh, damn hardworking here, haha
U take care oso la, going to Malacca soon

Reply to WH:
Heard tat gt cert only, haha.
U so thin, fat a little bit oso nvm loh, maybe now become ngam ngam le?
SG no lengzai? but heard tat alot lenglui, hehe

Wen Hui said...

ha..u got forced into being a class rep is it? mom said i m on the wa to sia....a lot of lenglui school shui bian shui bian see also got leng lui...orchard road more gua...